the hair controversy

I have always been very adventurous with my hair.  The way I see it, hair grows back, and color can always be fixed, so why not play with it?  There are so few things in life we have complete control over, and for many of us, hair is one of those things.

I have had long hair, layered hair, page boy and pixie cuts.  I have been dark brunette, red, platinum blonde, and variations of each.  I haven’t gone the way of colors like pink, purple, or blue , but I wish I had when I was younger.  Now I pretty much stick to what is easy, fast, and at least somewhat flattering.  I have a fair amount of grey now, and so far I have decided to keep up with coloring it.  At some point I will let that go, I think.

I have always felt that hair color and style is independent of age.  I have been sporting a slightly grown-out pixie cut for a few years now, and alternate between platinum blond and dark brown with caramel or red highlights depending on my mood – or the season.  I have a great stylist who is also my friend, and we have fun trying out different cuts and colors.  She loves that I am adventurous, since she tells me most women are not.  I  definitely notice other women with cute, short haircuts more now, and often compliment them.  Interestingly, many of them say “Oh, yeah, I’m going to grow it out,” or they seem surprised, “Really?!  My husband hates it.”  This is so sad!  While I think my husband probably does prefer me with long hair, he likes that I’m happy with it short.

There are folks who believe that older women should not wear their hair long, or dark.  I have read on beauty blogs and in magazines that dark colors do no favors for aging skin.  Really?  I guess it depends on the person, and how much darker it is than their natural color.  And the condition of their skin, I suppose.  I see my hair as an extension of my style personality – in fact, it is fair to say I have been more adventurous over the years with my hair than my clothes!  I’m currently debating wether to push my current style with very short (shaved?) sides and long(er) on top.  What do you think – is hairstyle and color age dependent?

I’ve gathered below some photos of short, edgy hair cuts that I like…

Screen Shot 2012-12-29 at 10.59.41 PM

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