spring shoes

I really am a fall-winter girl when it comes to fashion – I love boots, tights, sweaters, leather, jeans, fur – lots of layers!  I used to live in the San Francisco bay area, where it was pretty temperate all year around, and so when I moved to a city that had a proper winter (snow and everything!), I went a little nuts with the cold-weather wardrobe.

Having said all that, I am also completely obsessed with shoes regardless of the season.  I mostly wear boots and booties, even in the spring and summer, but I also do love a great oxford, or sandal.  I don’t know how much I will invest this year in spring/summer footwear, but there are lots of (mostly flat) styles out there that I am coveting right now and I thought I would share some with you.  You will notice many of these are appropriate for any time of year.  Enjoy!

And last but not least, a few sneakers.  Truth be told, I’ll likely be wearing sneakers more than anything else!

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