back at it

Yikes, has it been over 2 years since I launched this blog with a post about my mom? Lots has happened since then:  I turned the big 5-0, my daughter and only child went off to college (in a word, brutal), and I think I may have finally mustered the nerve to actually do this life and style blogging thing.  I admit that I have been intimidated – there are so many great style blogs out there, and it’s been hard to feel like I have anything worthwhile to say.  It’s funny, though, what turning 50 can do to a person (especially a person who feels 32!).  I’ve become less concerned about what others might think, and at the same time, feel more confident that I do have a contribution to make in this very crowded space, given that the majority of what is out there is geared toward a (much) younger audience.  Most of the women I know who are my age (or around it) are like me – they have style, are into beauty trends, love to share and seek out fashion ideas, and take fitness and a healthy lifestyle seriously. We want to look and feel great, for as long as humanly possible.  In fact, what I have come to strongly believe over the past couple of years is that the voices of women in their 40s and 50s are more relevant than ever when it comes to fashion.  After all, we have the money to actually buy the clothes and makeup that are modeled by 16 year-olds…  Don’t get me wrong – I love what is happening in the blogosphere around fashion – my favorites are written by girls in their 20s (in particular, I am completely in love with Leandra Medine of Manrepeller, and Jane Aldridge’s Sea of Shoes, and a few others).  They each have their own unique style and great personality, and I have learned a lot and have been inspired by reading these blogs.  There are a few out there written by women my age, which is encouraging.

So I find myself ready and eager to explore and share with whoever cares to read.  My intention is to write a lot about style, a little about fitness (something I’m very committed to), and then some about  the trials of parenting an adult child (WHAT??!), or marriage, or friendships, my sisters, my mom,  what-have-you.  I’ll post pictures as much as possible…  I’m not a photographer, but I’ll take my chances.  Now that I have decided that this is primarily for my own enjoyment, after all, and nothing else, I am relieved – and excited – to get started.

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