About Me

Ann Demeulemeester boots, Prps jeans, J Crew sweater, Vince tshirt, Preen Line coat

Ann Demeulemeester boots, Prps jeans, J Crew sweater, Vince tshirt, Preen Line coat

I’ve loved clothes for as long as I can remember.  In the 1960’s and 70’s, my mom walked the catwalks and graced the pages of the fashion sections in the local paper and magazines of my hometown, Seattle.  As a little girl, I remember playing backstage at shows at Frederick & Nelson with my sisters, helping the dressers put masking tape on the bottoms of the model’s shoes. I also remember being awestruck (and probably a little terrified) in the back seat of our station wagon, watching mom drive with her knees while she applied liquid eyeliner with precision as we sped down I-5 on our way to a show or a fitting.

At home, I spent hours in mom’s closet – running my hands over her fluffy fur coats and soft leather bags.  Her jewelry drawers were (and are still) a place to find fantastic treasures and grown-up adornments.  Later, as a teenager, on more than one occasion I “borrowed” one of her bags, or a piece of jewelry, or a scarf.   Today, I am raising my own daughter, and she, too, appreciates the beauty of a well-made jacket, beautiful shoe, or the right pair of jeans, and now spends time exploring my closet.  So far, nothing has disappeared without my permission.

The images on the homepage reflect my personal style – I wear a lot of black, white, navy, olive green, grey, leather, sequin, faux fur and denim.  I am obsessed with jackets, coats, and boots (worn year round).  I have a strong aversion to anything too feminine – the closest thing I have to what might be considered ladylike is a peplum top, but it’s made of leather!  I wear my hair super short and change the color often. I started this blog to document what it is about fashion and style that inspires me, and share some of my favorite pieces and ensembles.  I suspect my daughter will also appear from time to time (she is, indeed, one of my greatest inspirations!).  I will also share stuff about fitness.  I have worked out for what seems like my entire life, and have learned a lot over the years, and continue to get smarter (I like to think) about how to stay in great shape as I get older.

Finally, I will share my thoughts and inspiration around  work, relationships, food, beauty, parenting, and who knows what else!

Thanks for reading!